Each meal choice listed below will serve 2 people, complete the below form as a pair. For groups with 3 or more, complete a form for every 2 people in your group by clicking “Finish and Add Another” below. Don’t forget to leave us special notes to tell us what suits your taste buds!

Guest 1

Guest 2

Lunch Day 1

Please make sure that you receive your lunch vouchers upon checking in for your hike at the Recreation Desk the night prior to your hike and have gathered your lunches in the general store the morning of your hike’s departure!

Dinner Day 1


Breakfast Day 2

Lunch Day 2

Snacks (please choose 2 to 4)

Dietary Guide

 *   Vegetarian
 ●  Vegan
 ≠  Gluten Free
%  Dairy Free