Health and Wellness Gift Pack (Nate P. Oct. 22) 1200

You can now give the gift of Yosemite Health and Wellness with our butterfly pea flower themed gift pack.

Our Health and Wellness gift pack supplies you with everything you need to relax, rejuvenate, and heal yourself this holiday season. Included are some of our favorite products for the perfect at-home spa day, butterfly pea flower tea and custom bath soak, EuroSpa aromatherapy shower and pillow spray, lavender sachet, Farmhouse Fresh Bourbon Oil and Sweet Cream Lotion, chakra and intention stone, Rush Creek Spa notebook and pen.

Gift cards make it possible for you to contribute the dollar amount that fits your budget.  The recipient is free to use it toward any part of their Rush Creek stay. Lodging, dining, recreation, retail or spa services all accept this card.

Happy shopping!