Fall 2020 Photo Contest Winners

Our Fall 2020 Photo Contest, Favorite Yosemite Memories, lets us experience the best of Yosemite through the eyes and hearts of your fellow travelers.

Thank you to everyone who submitted and for the unforgettable memories behind each photo that help keep us all #YosemiteDreaming


Glacier Point and Half Dome in the Morning (Megan C.)1st Place: Megan C.
1,601 points
Glacier Point Morning Glory
Prize: 2-night stay

MC: “The sky was clear and bright at sunrise. We got to experience the most beautiful morning at Glacier Point. There was only a few others out at that time and it felt like we had the whole park to ourselves. It was breathtaking.”

Back at the lodge “…the thoughtful details of the wood and decor made us feel warm and safe while the water elements made us feel cool and calm. We loved the romance package and the ease we felt with the vouchers.

Tunnel View Tike (Katherin M.)Runner Up: Katherin M.
1,499 points
Little Adventurer Exploring Yosemite
Prize: 1-night stay

KM: “Baby Lotty is 7 months old & loves exploring… not just her living room floor, but also National Parks like Yosemite and Rush Creek Lodge! We loved the zip line and outdoor playground for the kids! It was fun for adults, too!”

Winter Sunrise Leaving the Lodge (Trista C.)Runner Up: Trista C.
1,341 points
Winter Sunrise While Departing the Lodge
Prize: 1-night stay

TC: “It is hard to choose just one photo, but this view leaving the Lodge during a winter sunrise was breathtaking! In a time where filters are so popular, they are certainly not needed for any photos here.

Wandering thru the Lodge, hanging by the firepit with a view of the pool and hot tub lit by strings of lights, playing games in the Lodge game room, take out dinner, the view from our room. Everything felt so magical! The atmosphere and ambience were incredible! I can’t wait to come back and enjoy more time at the Lodge and exploring the park!


Ziplining First Snowfall (Priya M.)
Ziplining and First Snowfall, by Priya M.

PM: “He came in like a wrecking ball…It was nice to unplug and be in a warm and safe family environment. The air was fresh, the restaurant was amazing and I got to unwind with my family.”

RCL:  We love your funny caption almost as much as we love seeing this happy guy zipline at the Lodge during the first snowfall of the season.  Lucky you!

Yosemite Valley and Merced River (Victoria F.)Yosemite Valley Refresher, by Victoria F.

VF: “Enjoying Yosemite…COVID style. Social distancing with beautiful views and stopping by the water’s edge makes for a perfect day.”

RCL: Good for you!  We couldn’t agree more and sincerely hope your gorgeous photo will inspire everyone to safely get outside and let nature work her magic.  We’re guessing this is a small section of the mighty Merced River in the heart of Yosemite Valley, across from El Capitan. Let’s see if anyone else can find this spot!

Insider Tip: our professional guides can help you find gems like this spot.  See everything from tours to photo workshops on our Explore trip planner.  Or just stop by the Recreation Desk for free local expert help planning your own amazing adventure.


Giant Sequoia Family Memories (EJ N.)Family Memory Making Among the Giants, by E.J. N.

EN: “Making memories with the kids in nature’s playground, followed by s’mores and the best hotel playground at Rush Creek Lodge! Beautiful, clean, comfortable, fun, and convenient – everything one can ask for!  It’s the perfect family spot right outside Yosemite.”

RCL:  Very cool shot of the Tunnel Tree, E.J.! The only thing we love more than this awesome photo is hearing about the family memories that go with it. 

Insider Tip for anyone looking to create similar memories of their own: this grove of Giant Sequoias is just minutes away from the lodge.  You can either join one of our professionally guided hikes or snowshoe walks, or visit our Recreation Desk for free planning advice and snowshoe rental if you’d like to explore on your own.


El Capitan Fall Sunset (Greg V.)Sunset on El Capitan, by Greg V.

GV: “Beautiful sunset painted on El Cap!

What an escape from the monotony of the limited city routines, especially during COVID. The staff ensured guest safety and well being with appropriate occupancy in dining rooms and bar, also they allowed plenty of space for social distancing. Beautiful view from the master bedroom/sliding glass door, and no TV really put the icing on the cake. Also nice to hop on 120 for a quick ride into the not so busy Yosemite Valley. We truly enjoyed our time and look forward to coming back again soon! Thank you for having us!”

RCL: Beautiful words to accompany a beautiful image!  Thank you for helping remind everyone that we do not have TV’s in our guest rooms because we want to encourage everyone to reconnect with loved ones, nature and self.  For sports lovers we’ve got big screens in the Tavern, so no one has to miss out on any big games.

Winter & Spring Photo Contest: Yosemite Inspiration

RCL: Thanks for all the love everyone!

Our new contest is underway – “Yosemite Inspiration” is open to all who are dreaming of their next Yosemite visit.  If you have a favorite Yosemite image and a memory you’d like to share, feel free to join in the fun.

Yosemite Inspiration

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