The New York Times: Brides Are Trading Boozy Parties for Luxury Wellness Retreats

By Ivy Manners, March 30, 2024

The bachelorette party is getting a spa makeover, with many brides-to-be now opting for more tranquil settings.

Teeona Breon, 28, picked Rush Creek Lodge & Spa in Groveland, Calif., to celebrate her bachelorette party in July 2022 with her five bridesmaids. She was drawn to both the look of the lodge and the access to nearby Yosemite National Park.

“I’m not one to gravitate toward the bachelorette drinking and party scene because I like to prioritize my mental and physical well-being, so it was the perfect setting to allow me to indulge in that,” said Ms. Breon, a landscaping and design plant technician based in State College, Pa.

During the four-day trip, she and her bridesmaids spent time hiking and “taking in nature, while also finding moments for serenity and rejuvenation.”

Wellness-focused parties have become more than the typical pre-wedding spa day. Many brides are now looking to take longer trips to spa resorts, often near outdoor destinations.

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