Winter 2020 Photo Contest Winners

We were fortunate to have over 100 guests share their amazing photos from their time with us in Yosemite this winter.

Now you can treat yourself to a #virtualYosemite trip by visiting the gallery and seeing Yosemite through the eyes and hearts of your fellow travelers.

Not only are there some gorgeous images, but there are also lots of ideas you might like to have for your next Yosemite adventure.

The winners with the most Votes:

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir (Matthew J.)1st Place: Matthew J.
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
Prize: 2-night stay

MJ: “Starting our trip in Rush Creek’s back yard, Hetch Hetchy never disappoints. Definitely a memory we will always remember.  We had an excellent time! Rush creek is the best lodge in Yosemite!

Mirror Lake Hike (Rachel D.)Runner Up: Rachel D.
Hike to Mirror Lake in Black & White
Prize: 1-night stay

RD: “Hike to Mirror Lake.
The atmosphere and food were spectacular! Staff was friendly and playing darts was a blast.

Guest Lounge Games (Frank L.)Runner Up: Frank L.
Playing Sorry with Loved Ones in the Guest Lounge
Prize: 1-night stay

RD: “Sorry, not sorry. Enjoying the board games in the Guest Lodge.
Does your family need an technology detox? Rush Creek Lodge is the ideal place to reconnect with your family!

Some honorable mentions We Loved:

Giant Outdoor Chess at Sunset (Anita H.)Giant Outdoor Chess, by Anita H.

AH: “The lodge is serene and quiet; a great way for us to detach from the daily chaos we deal with.

RCL:  The colors and composition captured in this moment feel so true to the overall experience we strive to provide at the lodge.  Nice job Anita!

Geode Cracking (Devin J.)Geode Cracking, by Devin J.

DJ: “Nature…what we loved about Yosemite and Rush Creek Lodge! Get outside and do things! A perfect example of RCL employees taking the time to explain the details about a geode and how they are created. Daily RCL activities keep the kids engaged in the beauty of the outdoors!

RCL:  We are very impressed by how this young man is thoroughly geared up and clearly totally into busting open some rocks and learning about what’s inside.  Way to go buddy!

New Year's Snowball Fight (Lori L.)Best Snowball Throw Ever Captured, by Lori L.

LL: “Best wishes for the New Year, whatever gets thrown your way!
It’s a wonderful spot for families – our kids loved the game room, they kept zipping back to it while waiting for dinner to be served at the nearby tavern. Smores at the fire pit were really fun too, especially when you looked up and saw the stars.

RCL: Look out!  Not only is this photo good winter fun, but we also appreciate the sacrifice that Lori must have made in the seconds following snapping this shot.  Maybe this guy is headed for the Major League!

Outdoor Play Area Joy and Curiosity (Sona R.)Pure Joy & Curiosity in the Outdoor Play Area, by Sona R.

SR: “The playground was the first thing my toddler noticed at the resort, so we ventured down as soon as we checked in. The sun was setting with its golden rays from the back, setting up perfect lighting for this shot to capture his joy and curiosity all in one.

RCL: This little guy’s face says it all in ways that words simply fail.  The pure joy and curiosity of this moment is one of many reasons why the owners of the lodge put so much effort into creating plenty of outdoor play spaces everywhere possible.  Every year they add or improve upon our play spaces, so the wonders never cease.

Rush Creek Vista Point Trail (Matthew F.)Peaceful Sunset on Rush Creek’s Vista Point Trail, by Matthew F.

MF: “We loved the serene hiking trail steps away from our room. The food and winter themed drinks at the tavern were excellent!

RCL: We love it too – so much so that our staff often starts their day or takes work breaks on these trails.  It makes us so happy to see how much you enjoyed our local trails, and you’ve captured the moment beautifully with this photograph.  All three of these new trails were a labor of love that took a lot of volunteer hours and the cooperative efforts of the Stanislaus National Forest, Groveland Trail Heads, Tuolumne River Trust, California Conservation Corps, and the Rush Creek Recreation team.  Happy trails indeed!

Yosemite Valley View Fall Sunset (James C.)RCL: Last, but not least, here’s a terrific Fall sunset and one of our favorite recent reviews…

Fall Sunset at Yosemite’s Valley View, by James C.

JC: “Our experience started with a phone call to your reservation line and we spoke with a booking agent, Kelsey. Having never visited Yosemite before, some of our concerns were weather conditions, proximity to the vast park and lastly room rates and availability. Kelsey addressed our questions and booked our rooms. When we showed up the following day we were surprised to actually meet Kelsey at check-in as she was at the front desk. It was very nice to associate a face with a voice on the phone and she made us feel welcome and again she was there to answer any questions we had. Yosemite National Park is HUGE!!! You can literally drive over an hour on winding mountain roads to get from one area to another. It’s important to get good directions and suggestions from staff who could help us enjoy the spectacular beauty of the whole area. We found the restaurant and lounge staff to be very friendly. Danny and Kevin were fun to hang out with at the bar and they knew the menu well and were great at suggesting a nice wine selection or which bourbon would go with relaxing after a few miles of trails. I have to say something about the tap water…. it was absolutely delicious! Seriously, it was the best and it could be bottled and charged for, but it was free! The rooms were spotless, the grounds beautiful and the beds comfortable. We enjoyed the fact there was no TV in the rooms… The beauty of the area didn’t need to be interrupted with a distraction of the TV. Plenty to do in the game room and on the grounds for kids to enjoy.”

Spring Photo Contest: Yosemite Dreaming

RCL: Thanks for all the love everyone! Our Spring contest is underway – “Yosemite Dreaming” is open to all who are dreaming of their next Yosemite visit.  If you have a favorite Yosemite image and a memory you’d like to share, feel free to join in the fun.

Yosemite Dreaming

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