Wonderful Waterfalls and Wildflowers Photo Contest 2023

Our Spring 2023 Photo Contest, Wonderful Waterfalls and Wildflowers, lets us experience the best of Yosemite through the eyes and hearts of your fellow travelers.

Thank you to everyone who submitted and for the unforgettable memories behind each photo that help keep us all #YosemiteDreaming


1st Place: Mayra D.Blackbird Pond (Mayra D.)

1186 points
Blackbird Pond
Prize: 2-night stay

MD: “The day after a snowfall, the weather was amazing, air crisp, and sun was shining. It was perfect”

RCL: Your words beautifully pair with this picture. Those early spring days are magic!

Runner Up: Rachel M.Just Married (Rachel M.)

528 points
Just Married
Prize: 1-night stay

RM: “We had the most amazing wedding experience. While we had a couple people break ankles, and I thought I broke my toe, we had THE BEST weekend! We can’t wait to spend our anniversary here next year!”

RCL: We are so happy to hear how much fun you all had! We can’t wait to welcome you all back next year and hope your toe doesn’t suffer this next time around!

Runner Up: Robert T.Yosemite Fun (Robert T.)

356 points
Yosemite Fun
Prize: 1-night stay

RT: “This was my family’s second trip to Rush Creek Lodge in January. We love visiting Yosemite and Rush Creek Lodge! We always have so much fun coming here.”

RCL: Thank you for sharing such a sweet family photo! We can’t wait to welcome you all back this coming January!


Spring Break by Merian H.Spring Break (Merian H.)

MH: “Traveling, Learning and Exploring! What an unforgettable spring break!!”

RCL: We can get behind this! There’s so much to be learned from Yosemite.


Vernal Fall by Katarina L.Vernal Fall (Katarina L.)

KL: “We visited Rush Creek Lodge and Yosemite in early April of this year. In a last minute change of plans we decided to go on the Mist Trail but took the much more challenging (and snowy) winter route because of the snow. I am so glad we did, because it was our favorite hike 😊 And you can’t top this view of Vernal falls once we reached Clarke’s Point!”

RCL: We love when a challenging hike has an epic reward like this! We’re so proud of you for making it all the way!


Crack a Geode by Erica C.Crack a Geode (Erica C.)

EC: “My son had the time of his life opening a geode with his dad. We love Rush Creek, and all of the fun activities the Lodge offers!”

RCL: What’s more fun than smashing rocks with your dad!?


Hetch Hetchy by Jamie A.Hetch Hetchy (Jamie A.)

JA: “This was taken on April 11 on the Wapama Falls Trail on the north side of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. There was some kind of red flower in the moss beds that really made this already exquisite setting pop! We only saw a few dozen people the whole time and in the late afternoon felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!!”

RCL: The colors in this picture are captivating! We’re so happy you were rewarded with a quiet trail. This is what Hetch Hetchy is known and loved for!


Rainbow by Scott T.Rainbow (Scott T.)

ST: “Under the rainbow Wampa Falls, Hetch Hetchy!!”

RCL: This is magical!


Summer Photo Contest: S’more Yosemite Summer Fun

RCL: Thanks for all the love everyone!

Our new contest is underway – “S’more Yosemite Summer Fun” is open to all who are dreaming of their next Yosemite visit.  If you have a favorite Yosemite image and a memory you’d like to share, feel free to join in the fun.

S’more Yosemite Summer Fun

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