Whether you’ve spent a sunny day on the trail or a relaxing day at the lodge, a facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion. Our facials are a multi-step treatment that supercharges your skincare and is the best way to ensure the long-term results you want in your skin.  Enjoy your facial in the serene and welcoming setting of our private massage suites.

Rush Creek Spa Skin Care Treatment (Kim Carroll)

Our estheticians specialize in various styles of facials, which may alter slightly with shifts in recommended health and safety protocols from time to time. Prices for facial treatments include:

Valentine's Day Facial

  • Deep Cleansing Facial – A classic type of facial, typically involving cleansing, steam, facial massage, facial mask, serum, and moisturizer. Some therapists will perform extractions, removing blackheads and whiteheads. A deep cleansing facial is a good choice if your skin lacks moisture and is prone to breakouts.
    • 50 minutes $165
  • Hydrating Facial – A hydrating facial immediately nourishes the skin, relieving tightness and the appearance of fine lines. Just like plants need water to live and grow, so does your skin.
    • 50 minutes – $165
  • Anti Aging Facial Use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. If you’re on the quest for younger-looking skin, you’re in luck.  A deep cleaning facial provides DEEP cleaning. This cleansing helps rid the skin of unwanted buildup of oil, toxins, dirt, bacteria, and all skin cell debris – all of which contribute to unwanted skin conditions like acne and premature aging.
      • 50 minutes – $165Eminence Skin Care


*If you take retinols or retinoids you must discontinue use for at least 7-10 days prior to a chemical peel and 5 days before a regular treatment.*

At Rush Creek Spa we use Eminence Organic Skin Care, certified by the non-profit B Lab® to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency just like our Lodge.

Our products are proudly free of parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals.

Eminence Organic Skin Care uses hand-picked fresh ingredients to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties. Many of these ingredients are combined with pure waters drawn from a thermal hot spring lake containing minerals and trace elements found nowhere else on earth. Shop their products here.

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To schedule your treatment, please visit our Spa Reception Desk, call the Spa at (209) 379-2425, or email us at [email protected]. Note that advance reservations are recommended for treatments, particularly during our peak summer season.