Spa & Wellness Retreats Near Yosemite National Park

Over and over again, guests at Rush Creek Lodge & Spa have expressed to our staff how important wellness and self-care are becoming in their lives. From better eating and workout regimens to meditation routines and self-care habits, the need for all-inclusive wellness retreats is steadily increasing.

Research continues to accumulate that proves consumers consider wellness to be a top priority in their lives, but the definition of wellness is changing. This study explains how the wellness category has expanded beyond diet and exercise to include sleep, appearance and mindfulness. Combining this with the guidance of physicians, consumers are now able to improve their overall health and wellness using the power of the great outdoors. One doctor explains that spending time outdoors has the potential to reduce mental health issues, boost Vitamin D intake, improve vision and better brain function. Visitors to Yosemite National Park now have the opportunity to experience each of these aspects of healing with a fulfilling wellness vacation at Rush Creek Lodge & Spa.

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Wellness Retreats In California

California has been at the forefront of the wellness boom, housing more than 2,600 health and wellness spas. Part of the reason for this is California’s natural beauty and unique landscapes. From white-sand beaches to snow-capped mountains, California offers a little bit of everything allowing visitors to connect with nature and experience a healing vacation away from the busy city life.

One of the best wellness retreats in California is found at Rush Creek Lodge & Spa, located less than two miles from Yosemite National Park. This top Yosemite resort boasts an on-site spa, three hiking and biking trails around the resort, yoga and boga classes for all ages and so much more!

Yosemite Resort & Spa

As the newest resort to the Yosemite area in more than 25 years, Rush Creek Lodge & Spa has quickly become a repeat destination among locals and visitors alike. From its nature-inspired spa to the naturalist-led hikes in Yosemite National Park, the resort’s extensive list of wellness and healing amenities is sure to check every box on your list.

In an effort to offer an all-inclusive wellness retreat, Rush Creek is now offering a health & wellness journey complete with picturesque Yosemite lodging, daily itineraries, hand-picked spa treatments and more. Each guest has the flexibility to customize their wellness journey depending on stress level, fitness abilities and personal preferences.

Simply select your travel dates and our wellness staff will aid you in creating your ideal spa and wellness retreat at our top Yosemite resort.

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Healing Vacation & Relaxation Retreat

The Wellness Program staff at Rush Creek Lodge & Spa strives to create a unique experience for each quest. By combining their local’s knowledge and expertise with your wellness needs and wants, Rush Creek will create a personalized itinerary for you filled with healing and relaxation from start to finish.

Peruse the list of amenities below that are available for your next spa and wellness retreat at Rush Creek:

Rush Creek Spa

The brand new indoor/outdoor spa at Rush Creek Lodge is filled with extraordinary elements inspired by the natural beauty and power of Yosemite. Offers skin care and massage treatments, an aromatherapy steam room, Himalayan salt block sauna, cool mist shower, sensory room and much more!

Yoga & Boga Classes

Enjoy a place of calm against the backdrop of mountain and sunset views at Rush Creek’s yoga and boga classes. Our certified instructors will lead you in classes centered on healing both mind and body. All skill levels are welcome; mats and boards are provided.

Rush Creek Vista Point Trail (Matthew F.)

Hiking & Biking Trails

Located in the resort’s surrounding Stanislaus National Forest, three hiking and biking trails are available to guests and visitors of Rush Creek Lodge. Each trail provides the opportunity to experience the beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

Did you know Rush Creek’s Adventure Trail is part of a larger trail?
Tuolumne County is proud to announce the coming of a county-wide bike trail system. The trails have been created by both community volunteers and city-paid workers to create an earth-friendly trail through the county. Rush Creek’s Adventure Trail will soon become a small branch of this much larger community mountain bike trail system.

Yosemite National Park Tours

Rush Creek offers numerous guided tours through Yosemite’s mountains and valleys. Each hike is led by an experienced local guide providing an insider’s look at the national park. We recommend the Wonders of Yosemite Hike & Tour, Yosemite Valley Explorer and Stagecoach Road Naturalist Hike.

Guests are always welcome to explore on their own. Make use of the hiking materials at the Recreation Desk and inquire with staff about any questions you may have. Find a list of nearby trails online and easily download an info sheet about each.

Do you know the difference between a guided hike and a naturalist hike?
Naturalist hikes are led by certified guides with a nature-related college degree. These guides are well-versed in flora, fauna and wildlife, possess first aid certification and know the history and science of the area. Rush Creek’s naturalist guides also boast the uncanny ability to provide an interesting experience for all age levels. Find a full list of Yosemite guided hikes and tours.

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More Wellness Amenities at Rush Creek

Rush Creek offers an idealistic location for a spa and wellness retreat. Absolutely everyone from first-timers to experienced yogis and accomplished rock climbers is invited to partake in our healing and wellness journey. By combining the key elements of healing, relaxation and rejuvenation with as much, or as little, professional guidance as you prefer, Rush Creek is ready to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in your pursuit of wholeness.

Here are a few additional amenities you may enjoy during your journey:

  • Glass Blowing Experience: create a piece of beauty with your own two hands.
  • Sunset Vista Happy Hour Tour: savor the serenity of a sunset over the Tuolumne River Canyon.
  • Fitness Center: indoor exercise facility for days when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Health & Wellness Resorts

Rush Creek Lodge & Spa is one of Yosemite’s top health and wellness resorts. Enjoy stunning scenery, contemporary rustic villas, fresh and hearty California mountain lodge cuisine, Yosemite-inspired spa treatments and much more.

Begin your healing vacation today!

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